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Envisage: Three Visionary Possibilities (PDF)

  • Close up mentalism
  • Casual
  • Simple
  • Powerful
  • 3 Bonus effects

Toddler Pack

An idea which breathes versatility to its fullest. Imagine a pack of cards which has been destroyed by a toddler and then being able to still perform a miracle or two. This concept expands WAY above suspicion, allowing you to do things generally out of reach with a normal pack of playing cards.

Reveal Your Design

Originally structured to NOT really be a “trick” at all. Five different blue backed cards (with completely different back designs) are removed and displayed as keep sakes to remind you of your card trick days. One is freely pointed out by your participant, and a warm explanation of that particular back design and how it connects to your spectator is given. Simple, direct, a very stress free ice breaker to be sure.

Wallet Readings

Has impact written all over it. You are having dinner with a small group of people. A chance meeting with a stranger prompts you to remove your wallet which contains a folded piece of paper with her initials written on it. She opens it to find a distinctive reading which has been waiting for her safely tucked away in your wallet for years.

693 (Windfall)

This is a completely out your hands experiment where your spectator does all of the work. After isolating one card completely free of choice, you the magician still manage to successfully predicted the outcome. I have fooled my fellow conjurers with this one.

Positive Dollar (Windfall)

If you happen to be a fan of the effect Positive Negative by Max Maven, this utility item should be immediately added to your wallet. Warning, you will need to have a previous understanding of Positive Negative as it is respectfully not explained in this book.

Luck of Astonishment (Windfall)

Based on the delightful effect Shape of Astonishment by Paul Harris, this little addition to a quarter will add a whole new dimension to this plot. Again you must have a previous understanding of Shape of Astonishment to understand this bonus idea.

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  1. Envisage (PDF) (1.11 MB)

Tags card tricks, mentalism, card effects, brad gordon, coin effects, money magic, close up
Media Type Digital Lesson

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