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Million Dollar Olram (PDF)

  • Easy to Do
  • Customize-able to Client
  • Stand up Routine From a Working Pro
  • Not a Card Trick!
  • Use Borrowed Bills

Have you ever have the need to “Custom Design” a trick for your client? Here Is your Million Dollar Solution!

Two dollar bills are borrowed from two spectators. The two bills are ripped, burned, and vanished!

Another spectator has a free choice of any of six sealed envelopes. The chosen envelope turns out to be the only envelope to have a special message or marking Custom Designed for the event! No force! And inside this freely chosen sealed envelope are the two borrowed bills!

Easy To Do • Customize For Your Clients Event! • Can be done with one or two borrowed bills.


  1. Million Dollar Olram (PDF) (1.48 MB)

Tags dan paulus, money magic, custom, stand up, corporate
Media Type Digital Lesson

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