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Room 538 (PDF)

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For some reason, Brad Gordon chose to title his latest book Room 538. That was a silly choice on his part. He should've named it, 'Why Didn't I Think Of That?' spoken 78,239 times!! Because that's how many people will say exactly that upon reading this book!

History will probably NOT list Brad as the guy who could back palm 17 cards better than anyone else. Nor will it (probably) say that he levitated bulldozers like a genius. But it will say he had an extraordinary mind, capable of creating magical memories with the simplest of items. If you mixed a mentalist, a hypnotist and some other "ist" in a pot together you'd have Brad Gordon. His style of writing has a Renaissance-like innocence to it, but you feel immediately that this guy knows what he's talking about.

Brad worked in a magic shop for 11 years . . . he's seen it all. He knows 4,268 things that won't fit into a Chop Cup properly. So when this guy writes some effects down, know they'll be worth your time! Sometimes we all need another person to unlock those doors to our creative conscious to help us think WAY outside the boundaries of the predictable. Imagine that Brad Gordon (and this book!) are your personal locksmiths.

Room 538: a new world awaits you . . . just inside.

I envision exicting, excellent effects when employing Envisage by Brad Gordon. 'Reveal Your Design' is a particularly promising piece with pasteboards for psychic precognition and readings. Get this!- Dale A. Hildebrandt

After reading through Toddler Pack, I was really exciting about your thinking behind it. I have 2 girls, a 3 year old and a 9 month old that would create a background perfect for this. Very clever thinking and such a charming, disarming premise to present this cool effect.- Bosco L

This is great material. I really like the psychological side of what you are doing.-Jason P

In this day and age, it's near impossible to come up with a new idea using playing cards. Enter Brad Gordon!- Don Theo III

Hey Mr. Scarnecky I realy love your material.- Riley B

There is lots of (ready to drive) material here. You also have 2 or 3 things I can't remember seeing anywhere else. Unique, a word so corrupted in our public-school culture, certainly applies (in its original dictionary meaning) to these effects. Direct and commercial.- Kevin K "Magic Doc"

I just wanted to write and thank you for this most excellent book, I love the wallet reading idea and used it last night as it works beautifully with a routine I use with tarot cards. I love monk and found bold matches very clever too, thank you.- Dean D

Another unbelievable effect is 693. Brad handed me the deck had me shuffle it, cut it and remove a card from the deck, yet he was able to predict what the card was in advance . . . He completely fooled me with this!- Jeff Stone

I bought Envisage for the Wallet Readings, which I think is an excellent idea! But the Toddler Pack and Reveal Your Design are also great pieces. I rarely find ONE idea in a manuscript that I will use, in Envisage I found THREE!- Ben Salinas

Luck of Astonishment (windfall): Being an avid Paul Harris fan (I have a framed picture of him under my pillow) I really enjoyed this creative add-on from Brad. Those familiar with PH's effect "Shape of Astonishment" will really want to try this Scarnecky variation on an audience, and that I did. I must admit, I had never tried the original PH effect, but when done with a "twist of Scarnecky" there was a delightful TANG to the effect which left a bitter-sweet taste in my wife's mouth. Not sure about others thoughts, but there is an almost spiritual mystery about foil and imprinting objects within it.- Kambiz

The Butterflower: Very artistic. . Zen-like simplicity and beauty- Sean Waters

Trans-sticker... An effect so deep with possibilities! And possibilities is exactly what you're given. Brad provides an overload of variations, handling thoughts and ideas on this one. Brad's patter ideas will take your performing vertical! He does a perfect job of walking you through just what to say and just what to do when performing each effect.- Paul Budd


The Corkboard

A strangely orchestrated moment between you and your audience (for platform work with larger audiences) where your prediction is found to be in the program that each person is holding, yet different people have different predictions . . . strange . . . beautiful . . . astonishingly deep.

Toddler Pack

An idea which breathes versatility to its fullest. Imagine a pack of cards which has been destroyed by a toddler and then being able to still perform a miracle or two. This concept expands WAY above suspicion, allowing you to do things generally out of reach with a normal pack of playing cards.

Bold Matchbook Bolder Approach and Bold Matches

A serenely beautiful moment where the spectators thoughts and memories become tangible. Smooth and sweet.


A "safer" version of Jim Pace's The Web. In other words, astonish your spectators rather than making them hate you.

Purposive Reverie

A comedic and peaceful moment where your spectator's trance alters her memory of her experience with you.


One of the most clever ideas you'll come across. Inspired by an episode of the TV Show, Monk, this is guaranteed to leave the audience stunned as you actually, not appear to, but actually predict what they're thinking.

Reveal Your Design

Originally structured to NOT really be a “trick” at all. Five different blue backed cards (with completely different back designs) are removed and displayed as keep sakes to remind you of your card trick days. One is freely pointed out by your participant, and a warm explanation of that particular back design and how it connects to your spectator is given. Simple, direct, a very stress free ice breaker to be sure.

Forgettable Prediction

A refreshing approach to the classic Magician In Trouble Plot.

Confidence Game

If you perform in front of a relatively large crowd, you'll definitely want to experiment with this amazing way to open your show.

Wallet Readings

Has impact written all over it. You are having dinner with a small group of people. A chance meeting with a stranger prompts you to remove your wallet which contains a folded piece of paper with her initials written on it. She opens it to find a distinctive reading which has been waiting for her safely tucked away in your wallet for years.


A visit to a Classic/ Chop Cup Routine

Match Box

A match box... some subtle suggestions... one moment it's feather-light; the next, it's heavy... all components leading to a clever piece of entertainment.

Spend & Fuarter

Spoon and coin bending all rolled into one super smooth routine. This one will test your skill as a performer. A challenge you won't want to skip.

Thought Rose

With Additional Thoughts and insight by Jerome Finley, you'll find this effect to be as close to real mind reading as you can get. With no stooges, and no gimmicks, you are able to discern which of three people has been given a secret name while you are out of the room.


This is a completely out your hands experiment where your spectator does all of the work. After isolating one card completely free of choice, you the magician still manage to successfully predicted the outcome. I have fooled my fellow conjurers with this one.

Luck of Astonishment

Based on the delightful effect Shape of Astonishment by Paul Harris, this little addition to a quarter will add a whole new dimension to this plot. Again you must have a previous understanding of Shape of Astonishment to understand this bonus idea.

Additionally, you'll find more than enough material to stimulate your imagination and keep you up all night thinking about how to apply the material and ideas. If Toddler Pack and Monk don't get you thinking, then there's a good chance that you're dead.

On top of that, you'll find an excellent presentational idea centered around sensory deprivation called Sensory Penurious Presentational Stimulation and another mind trick of an effect can be found in Scar's Copper Silver presentation, Copper Silver Thought.


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