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Troika (PDF)

  • Close up mentalism
  • Heavy/Light "trunk" with a Matchbox
  • Tarot Cards

Phrases like, "This guy's a thinker" are freely tossed about in magic circles today. Brad Gordon is more than a thinker. He knows how to spark your thinking processes and then goes further by pushing you to think about how you think (yep, it's deep... shallow performers need not apply).

Somewhere, in another place, there is an intersection where strange things, puzzles and tricks all come together to create the surreal. The effects found within Troika will take your audience to that place.

  • Imagine placing one blank card in a 52-card deck and with little more than a few simple, guiding words, controlling the spectator's hand directly to that card!
  • A match box... some subtle suggestions... one moment it's feather-light; the next, it's heavy... all components leading to a clever piece of entertainment.
  • An effect using a deck of cards and a single Tarot... with a knockout climax! This one will become a permanent addition to your arsenal.

In his customary style, Brad throws in a mountain of ideas of suggestions to vary and spice up these routines for those repeat performances.

With each reading, you'll unearth layer-upon-layer of ideas and directions to take your performing to the outer limits!

...and for a kicker, Brad throws in the Overt Utility Tool. At first, it reads like a bit to use as a "clean up" when an open prediction doesn't go as planned. But, it's so much more. It's a tool to help you think (there's that word again) about what to do in those situations.

If you're looking for a mentalism book that spells out "do this, say that", sure, you can find that here. But, if you want something that'll help you explore the why of your approaches, this is it!

Leave the fancy gadgets and electronic wizardry in the drawer and focus on the fundamental simplicity of entertainment that skirts close to the paranormal.

The power of the routines contained within Troika lies in their simplicity... and that power can be yours!

This product includes the following digital media:


  1. Troika (PDF) (757 KB)

Tags mentalism, brad gordon, close up, matchbox
Media Type Digital Lesson

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