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Dream Vacation (Streaming Video)


The Effect: The magi weaves a story of smuggling Pesos across the Mexican border. Then demonstrates by placing a signed Peso in one hand and an empty (just examined) film canister in the other hand. The spectators hold onto the hand with the peso to keep it from escaping . . . yet the other hand (no where near the peso hand) shakes the Film Canister... silence . . . silence . . . then suddenly you HEAR the coin appear in the canister. It can be immediately handed to a spectator to open. No switches, no dups and everything is examinable before and after the performance. Don't believe me? Watch The demo Below.

Dream Vacation is worth the proverbial price of admission in my opinion. The theme; patter; and the steal - what a beauty! I'm adding that one to my repertoire allright! - Apurva S.

Note: Upon purchase, the footage that you will have access to is the exact footage that was originally released on Jay Sankey's Underground Jam. Plus you'll get as a free bonus the original performance footage of Dream Vacation that Jeff sent to Jay for the Underground Jam audition. Although Jeff has been performing for many years, this footage was his debut to the magic community as a teacher.

Access the original footage of Jeff's material today!

This product includes the following digital media:


  1. Dream Vacation (Perf)

  2. Dream Vacation (Exp)

  3. Dream Vacation (Audition)

Media Type Digital Lesson

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