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Jacked Up (Streaming Video)


The Story: . . . Can’t . . . breathe . . . feeling . . . pain . . . must . . . survive . . . The biggest mistake ever made in the land of Bicycle was the day that the Heart family sent the Jacks after the Joker. They thought he was dead, but they should have checked; after all he is a Joker.

The Joker lay there in agony trying to recover from the brutal attack that is known on the streets as being “Jacked Up.” That moment, something changed in him. His revenge was developing.

He knew that this was the doing of the Heart family, more specifically, the Three of Hearts. I will get him. I will destroy him. I will wear a Heart shaped bell on my crown! The day will come. Soon it will come my little Three of Hearts!

The Effect: Two cards are chosen from a blue backed deck. The two cards are then inserted, by the spectator, into the deck. The two chosen cards both turn out to be Jacks, and the cards next to the insertion point of the deck are the other two Jacks. Then for the kicker, the rest of the deck turns red. Everything is examinable. Watch the video demo below. This effect was the most popular of the five effects that Jeff Released on Underground Jam.

Just a very brief email to tell you how much I love doing "Jacked Up". I like the way it is constructed, how it logically flows, the surprise ending...and best of all ending clean.

I've done it on several people and they were speechless at the end. I've been looking for a color changing deck routine for a long time and never found one I liked, until this one came along. I love it. - Bob L.

Note: Upon purchase, the footage that you will have access to is the exact footage that was originally released on Jay Sankey's Underground Jam. Although Jeff has been performing for many years, this footage was his debut to the magic community as a teacher.

This product includes the following digital media:


  1. Jacked Up (Perf)

  2. Jacked Up (Exp)

Media Type Digital Lesson

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