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The Coolest Ace Trick in The World (Streaming Video)


The Story: The era of the “greasers” was coming to an end. They had all gone by the way side; they had all moved to the wicked city of Hoyletown. But there were a few who wouldn’t stand for the death of the greatest era of Bicycle Village’s history.

The time had come for the last remaining greasers to work a miracle. The notorious Gang of Aces had taken all they could stand. Now is the time to show the world who we are.

This is our deck and we’re not gonna take it anymore. We’ll show them. We will use whatever means necessary to keep the story alive. We will use magic, sorcery and trickery; it will go down in history as “The Coolest Ace Trick in The World!”

The Effect: All four Aces change into the Ace of Spades. Then they instantly change into the four Kings. That's it. It's simple and direct. Watch the Demo Below. You'll see. Keep in mind that there are no gimmicked cards, and the deck is borrowed, shuffled and unprepared in any way.

Note: Upon purchase, the footage that you will have access to is the exact footage that was originally released on Jay Sankey's Underground Jam. Although Jeff has been performing for many years, this footage was his debut to the magic community as a teacher.

Access the original footage of Jeff's material today!

This product includes the following digital media:


  1. The Coolest Ace Trick in The World (Perf)

  2. The Coolest Ace Trick in The World (Exp)

Media Type Digital Lesson

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