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Wonder Readings


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Some performers want to be taken seriously as students of human nature. Their mentalism is slanted towards the arena of "psychology" not "psychic" shenanigans. Such performers need appropriate tools, and simple yet precise information regarding the human mind.

To be taken seriously, these performers can't just toss words around that "sound good". Any legitimate psychologist or student of human nature can easily see through most of mentalism's "quackery".

Until now, the only option a mentalist or magician had to become properly informed was to go through years of training in psychology. Only after such tedious studies could these performers pull off anything with a true sense of psychological soundness.

This work will give you both the tools you need and the insights into the human mind required to appear well trained in the psychological arena. This information is easily remembered without years of study. The facts about the conscious and subconscious minds, as well as their respective "jobs" in the human psyche, will be given to you in simple and clear language.


The Complete Course on 5 Audio CD's and More

The Classic Wonder Readings Course and System hailed by professionals worldwide, is at last on Compact Disc.

Honest, direct, with readings from psychological to psychic, for the psychic, mentalist or magician, this one blows all other systems off the map.

With experts in NLP, symbolism and The Mysteries, this system covers it ALL!

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Customer Reviews

  • 4 Stars

    At one time, this was a VERY expensive product! While it is available here, if you are a psychic entertainer, you should snap it up! This is largely a tag-on product for Kenton's 'Wonder Words' set, but you DO NOT have to own that product to get something from this. I promise: you get a LOT for your money here. If you walk away with nothing, you will have a good upper-beginner introduction to Neuro-linguistic programming you can use while performing.
    5 audio CD's plus a super cool 'data' CD, with lots of little kickers tossed in. Just view the data CD on a laptop or whatever... it will not disappoint.

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