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Penguin Live Lecture

  • Jeff Stone's Penguin Live Lecture from 2016
  • 3.5 hours
  • Including Jeff's complete stand up mentalist show
  • Cards Tricks
  • Frixion Pen Magic
  • Coin Magic
  • So much More!
  • Stand

What is Covered in The Lecture

S.S. Vanish  A bare handed utility vanish that allows you to vanish just about anything you can fit in your closed fist. This portion of the lecture is my opener and it covers several different applications for the vanish.

Visa 2.0 This is mentalism routine that fits into a small card wallet and has a fun presentation where the spectators help you remember what item you recently purchased.

Frixion A whole segment on Frixion pen magic. I’ll perform one effect and then discuss/perform multiple ideas/effects possible with the pen. The effect I perform is one where a drawing of a petri dish is shown. It contains “bacteria” from an old deck of cards. When the bacteria is cooked (i.e. a flame is applied to the drawing), the bacteria forms into a selected card.

Ace Re-Revisited Portable book test based on (and use with permission) Larry Becker’s dictionary book test. The presentation is centered around the power of the written word.

I Need a Hero A stand up mentalism routine involving 6 or 7 people where they take on the role of superheroes and battle it out. The winner is predicted in advance.

Triptych 3 Card revelation where the spectator “learns how to be a magician.”


What You're Ordering

Upon ordering you be mailed a special access card with a unique product code that allows you to access the lecture for free on Penguin's website.

Tags pens, coin effects, s.s. vanish, frixion pen, rubik's cube, flash paper, rubber bands, brad gordon, jeff stone, card tricks, frixion, stone cold magic, mentalism, card effects, corporate, stand up, money magic
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Customer Reviews

  • 5 Stars

    Yes, I bought this back when it was first broadcast. Yes, I paid full price. YES, I am buying it again - for several reasons.

    1. It's that good.
    2. Jeff is a friend & one of the best people you could hope to meet.
    3. The magic is truly magical and Jeff's personality shines through.
    4. Which (#3) makes the presentations VERY entertaining.
    5. Yet the magic is adaptable to individual personalities.
    6. (I have several personalities myself. No I don't. Yes I do!)
    7. One of the BEST, if not THE best coin vanish I haven't really seen.
    8. Jeff is a funny, funny guy and I want to steal his jokes.
    9. He needs the $15 more than I do.
    10. My grandmonkeys love to watch him on their iPads. Kids today!
    11. At 50% off, I'd be a fool to not take advantage of Jeff.

    Everyone should take advantage of Jeff. It's fun & low carb!

    *jeep! and God Bless! (Thank you, Red!)
    ---Grandpa Chet

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