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2022 Lecture Notes (PDF)

  • 8 Cards effects
  • 4 Non card effects
  • 12 bonus (rapid fire) effects / idea
  • Nearly 20 video clips
  • A secret bonus website

A Brand New Lecture for 2022

This set of notes brings the live lecture footage directly to you with nearly 20 video clips and live performances. 

  • 140 pages
  • Access to 17 video clips and performance footage
  • Access to a secret website with bonus content.
  • 12 Effects 
  • 12 Rapid Fire Ideas / Effects
  • A total of 24 items!

Bermuda Box

A fun way to use a Gozinta Box set as something more magical than a mere puzzle.

The Man with the two Dollar Hands

An easy two in the hand, one in the pocket presentation.

Money to Burn

Make a drawing of a chosen coin turn into a real coin with no sleight of hand.

All four One

From a shuffled deck, any 4 of a kind named by the makes a magical appearance.


The spectator becomes the magician as you demonstrate sleight of hand, and “real” magic.

Keep Your Eye on the Joker

An overkill of a prediction that proves to be both funny and a powerful prediction. 


A regular playing card visibly shrinks to a mini card as you pass your hand over it.


An effect where you openly show a double-facer and show how magical of a card it really is.

Jacked Up

My go-to opener for a set of card effects that ends with a surprise nobody sees coming. 

Brainwave: Card 8

A variation of the Nick Trost’s classic 8 Card Brainwave that gives the whole thing meaning.

Bone Count

A fun game where you seem to truly read their mind and predict the future all at once.

Animal Magnetism

Use magic to cure your lack of childhood patience to create animals.

Mouse Trap Vanish 

A crazy visual way to vanish a playing card.

Plunger Control

One of the sneakiest ways to maintain control of a card while it's sitting on the table and you're not touching it.

Broken Key 

A key card like you've never seen before.

Stupid Faro

A super simple trick to improve your Faro nearly 10 fold.


Making a Multiple Card Revelation actually interesting for the audience to watch.

Sometimes You Feel Like a Nut

A quick way to magically get the peanut out of a peanut M&M (or to jam a peanut into a regular M&M).


A simple running gag / effect that adds fluidity and texture to and removes lulls from your close-up magic show.

Stupid Vending Machine

A utility idea that will allow you to divine a serial number (and more) on a dollar bill in the fairest manner possible. The spectator opens his wallet and pulls out a dollar bill. You are able to divine the serial number without handling the bill, and without coming near him. In fact you could be in another room.

And so much more!

This product includes the following digital media:


  1. 2022-lecture-notes (6.86 MB)

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Media Type Digital Lesson

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