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Jeff Stone

Jeff Stone

Chief/Cook/Bottle Washer . . . 

Jeff Stone has been performing magic under the title of Stone Cold Magic since the early 90s. About a decade ago he shifted focus to sharing his effects and his ridiculous sense of humor with fellow magicians.

This sharing has come in the form of local students and has now expanded to DVD and most recently e-books. His appearance as a guest artist on Jay Sankey's Underground Jam  has allowed him to share with magicians world-wide. The next several years were packed with many more projects and even more magic, philosophy and rantings with fellow magicians.

With more than a 15 year background in sales and training sales people along with an equally lengthy career in technical writing and teaching, what better blend could you ask for to be your magic teacher. Add to these skills a logical and critical thinking skill-set that allows him to solve the Rubik's Cube in under 30 seconds, and you have a logical, entertaining extremely talented instructor passing along his hard-earned magic experience and knowledge.

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