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Stone Cold Magic DVD

  • 13 Card Effects
  • Bonus: Includes Spectral Chill Concept
  • Free Bonus PDF

Get ready to experience 17 Effects That Will Stone Cold Kill Your Audience!  Imagine a playing card vanishing right out of your hand and right under the nose of your spectators - Sardeen Window is the ultimate Close-up Street vanish. On Stone Cold Magic, You'll find very visual and totally commercial card magic and much, much, much more!

Included are 13 killer effects, almost 2 full hours of incredible original magic as well as outtakes and 4 bonus effects, including The Mistress Card Principle and The Spectral Chill Concept - two rockin' ideas to take your magic to the next level.

Whether you're brand new to magic or you're a seasoned working pro, you'll find this DVD invaluable. Many of the long-lost classics have been brought up-to-date to give new magicians some excellent foundational material and to give seasoned magicians some excellent updates and new ideas for that will improve their personal repertoire.

Most magic DVDs sell for $30.00 to $35.00 and you only get 10 or 12 effects. At Stone Cold Magic you get a total of 17 effects for the mere cost of $25.00. Even if you only find just ONE effect that you like, it's well worth the cost. But we're sure that you'll find much more than one, and the entertainment value alone is well worth the cost! There is No shipping and No handling charge. You're total is just $25.00

If you are looking for a fresh dose of commercial, audience-tested card magic, look no further than Jeff Stone's Stone Cold Magic. There's plenty of useable card effects presented in a wonderfully friendly, casual and straightforward manner. My only criticism is that Jeff came up with the idea of using the Erdnase-Houdini Color Change as an invisible palm. It looks so darn good, I wish to heck I had thought of it!! - Jay Sankey

Jeff is a real worker and tips his mitt in this DVD. There are some great ideas that are really USABLE. In addition, it's just a fun watch as noted by others. Jeff is really a funny guy. I enjoyed the DVD a lot. - Tim Trono

Being owner of Stone Cold Magic DVD, I highly recommend everyone to consider this new release from Jeff Stone. Jeff's material is easy, direct, and very entertaining to the audience and fun to we as performer. - Steven Leung M

I just received and watched [Stone Cold Magic]. It's all cards and it's all right!! Nice usable effects that are fun and easy to do. Mr Stone's personality is bigger than his sizable frame. A fun approach to card magic. - Jim Spinnato

All of these tricks I could see myself performing for walk around, and for friends. All of it is very visual... the ace productions, and especially the shrinking card. It looks like trick photography! I need to go back and learn that one. There's a lot of effects on there too... and it seems to be easy material to learn. Thank you Jeff for a wonderful DVD, and I promise I will learn them good! - Jesse Feinberg

I just got my copy this weekend. Great value for the money in a DVD. $25.00 and free shipping It will keep me busy for a while.- Norituck

Jeff has the touch for creating effective routines. Real foolers ( I got fooled ). And they are entertaining for a lay audience. That's what counts. This is a FUN Dvd. I hope we see more from him in the future!!!- Chris Kavanaugh

I got my hands on this DVD a while ago . . .This is a must for any collection... plum simple it's got great ideas for a lot of card work. I'm looking forward to putting a cowboy twist of a few effects, and then doing some real world work with them.- Diamond Jim Davis

There are definitely some cool usuable routines and ideas on this dvd. "Dethroned" really got me thinking. Good stuff all around!- Cameron Francis

What a nice guy - This really comes over on the DVD. I own a magic store here in Sydney - We are having an open day in the City on the 1st Saturday in December and I will certainly feature this DVD - I love it as it really is for the lay magician - you do not have to be a card whizz to perform these little gems - The presentation is fun and very watchable - Graham From Digiquick

Jeff has some really interesting ideas. Like his contributions to Underground Jam, he got me thinking of all kinds of variations. I particularly like the trick with the little hand prop, which would be great for restaurant, stage, or platform work.- Darrin Cook

I finally got my hand's on Jeff's dvd and I have to say that I am very impressed. I had only heard of Jeff through his contributions to Underground Jam (one of them hit my reportoire like 10 year olds to sugar) The dvd itself is shot very well. Most of it is single camera, but that's fine with me. The effects are all cards, ranging from easy to semi-difficult, but nothing outside of the realm to an average card handler. When watching this dvd, you can look at all the effects from a technical standpoint and write them off as being to easy. Maybe that's what Jamy did in his review. To each their own. However, I have tried about 6 of the effects in my table hopping and they have all been well received. - Donny Orbit

Bonus: With the DVD, you get the companion e-book for free

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