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Two Birds. One Stone. Deluxe Version

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  • 2 Groovy Effects
  • Includes Specially Printed Cards for Both Effects
  • 50 Page Booklet explaining everything in detail
  • Includes bonus handling and presentations for Kingside Castling
  • Several QR codes linking to various teaching videos
  • Includes additional bonus video footage


By Jeff Stone

Bird One - Kingside Castling

Simply put, a spectator's signed king from a packet of four kings* vanishes from underneath her hand. As a kicker, the other 3 kings in the packet become blank even though she just saw all four of the kings. There are no switches. This effect landed me a spot as a guest performer on Jay Sankey's Underground Jam DVD.

Bird Two - Brainwave: Card 8

This is a variation of Nick Trost's 8 Card Brainwave that does the effect in reverse.

From a packet of 8 cards with 8 different colored backs, the spectator freely (no force) chooses one of them without knowing the values of any of the cards. Yet, the one she freely chose is found to be the only Ace of Spades* in the packet, and the other 7 cards are all the same - the Queens of Hearts.* 


The specially printed cards required to do each of these effects are included with this booklet.

* Specially printed card values may vary.

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