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SCM Magazine Year 1 (PDF)

  • 120 Pages
  • 6 Effects
  • 18 essays
  • 1 Weird Trip Down Memory Lane . . .


Over the past 8 years, Stone Cold Magic Magazine has been an outstanding resource for magicians around the world. A year ago, the magazine was officially retired. Since the inception of the magazine, a whole new generation of magicians have come "online," and many of them want to know how to get more gigs, how to manage the business of magic, how to improve as a performer and more. They're also, of course, looking for tricks to add to their repertoire. Well here it is again, the volume that started it all, Stone Cold Magic Magazine Volume 1 (July 2007 through December 2007).

In this volume you'll be introduced to the crazy characters from Hoyletown and Bicycle Village that make up The Saga. You'll learn six effects, some of which are not available anywhere else but right here in this compilation. Cards, coins and paper currency are just some of the props used in the six effects taught; there's something for everyone.

On top of the crazy characters and the magic effects, you'll dive deep into the psychology of magic in The Full Montoya. You'll learn to improve yourself as a performer in Roots and Branches, and No Stone Left Unturned will take you step by step through the beginning of improving your business and becoming more profitable and more hire-able.

Additionally, many of the articles have bonus "2015 Updates" adding new and updated content not available in the original publication. Clocking in at just over 120 pages, Stone Cold Magic Magazine Volume 1 is packed with extremely valuable information for all magicians regardless of skill level or experience.

Stone Cold Magic Magazine is Stone Cold GOLD! I've learned so much from this magazine, and I'm excited to have it all on my bookshelf!
-Joe Diamond
Thanks for putting out a great magazine. I love it!
-Jack Skalon
I always enjoy your magazine! It is well thought out and you share so much good info.
I have today begun subscribing to your superb magazine ... What a terrific collection of thoughtful, useful and inspiring writing.
-Bruce G.
I got to say mate, I really enjoy your magazine and its content.
-David L.
The first issue arrived, and now I'm able to check all the stuff in your magazine! Its great! Thanks . . . I can use a lot of this tips and tricks and so on, great thing!
-Gerd M.
Jeff's magazine is one of the most professional and informative magic publications I've ever read.
-Jay Sankey
[I'm] thinking of putting a card act together at $10,000 dollars a ticket and only doing your stuff, LOL. Love reading your stuff, even the stuff that is not my style, love the magazine and mostly I appreciate your offerings, thanks.
- Richard Dominguez

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Customer Reviews

  • 4 Stars

    So.....a little clarity on what this is exactly. Many eons ago, Jeff produced a well designed (free) eMagazine.....'Stone Cold Magic Magazine'. It was cool, came out monthly, had this neat branching navigation was good stuff. This ebook essentially gathers about the first 6 months of all that and puts it into a single title......much like comic books are done today in 'Trade paperbacks'....get it?!
    With that said, you will find some GREAT items in this! Coins etc. etc., but ALSO tips on how to THINK about your performing and stage behavior. This one is worth your me!

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