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Stone Cold Mental Vol. II (PDF)

  • 180 Pages
  • 2 ESP effects
  • 2 Tarot effects
  • 2 "Spirits" effects
  • 2 "Word" effects
  • 2 "Luck" effects
  • 3 Bonus Items
  • 20 QR Codes with video footage, a secret website and more!
  • Includes a custom App for creating your very own Binary Sorting cards
  • Includes performance video footage

Stone Cold Mental

Volume II

​​​​​​​After nearly two years since volume I was released, the long awaited sequel is finally here!

In this second volume, you'll find ten effects in five different categories, namely ESP, Tarot, "Words", "Spirits", and "Luck". Plus 3 bonus ideas including an effect specifically for magicians as well as my presentation for Max Maven's brilliant effect B'WAVE, and a brand new take on the PATEO force.

Also included you'll find 20 QR Codes with links to video footage, a secret website full of all kinds of goodies and downloads, and a whole bunch of other stuff!

Plus, you'll get full access to 4 custom web apps that allow you to generate your own Binary Sorting (i.e., "Magic Age") cards with your own custom words.

Join me on part 2 of this mental journey to de-boring-ify your mentalism. Why be boring when you can be Stone Cold Mental!

Foxy Spirits

The spectator chooses one of many questions written on a piece of paper and places it into a small box. Upon summoning the spirit, the box is opened to reveal an answer to the question burned into the very paper the question was written on.

The Houdini Code

In an attempt to contact her husband from beyond the grave, Bess finally receives the code that he (Houdini) left behind. During this journey beyond the grave, we see a small manifestation of Bess Houdini’s ghost.


The spectator freely selects a major arcana Tarot card. The selected card is revealed in a brilliant flash of fire. Oh, and by the way, a demon is summoned by name . . . a predicted name.

Existential Tarot

The mentalist stops furrowing his brow, removes his fingertips from his temple, and has a real, intimate moment with his spectator as he takes her on a journey from her past into her future. A future which he, of course has predicted.

Poker Bill

The mental master o’ mystery (and money) hosts a game between two contestants (er . . . um . . . spectators) where one person divvies up a bunch of cash between the two of them. Even though the spectator made 100% of the choices, the miser perfectly predicts exactly how much money they each would end up with. And they get to keep the real money!

Bliss Abyss

Two spectators each take half of the deck and exchange cards without looking at them. Upon examining the two halves of the deck, it is found that both spectators each chose a red ace. Further it is revealed that they both chose the only red-backed cards in the blue-backed deck. Finally, it is also revealed that the two red-backed aces are indeed the only two cards with faces in the entire deck. The rest of the cards (i.e., the blue backers) are all blank faces. Everything can be examined.


The mentalist displays a small stack of notecards with a variety of words written on them. They’re shuffled, yet the order they end up in was predicted in advance.


The mind-messer-wither messes with the mind of a spectator or two by reading a thought of “Wordle” word. Truly just a thought. The spectator writes nothing down and tells no one of the thought.

Extra Sensory Pyramid

While discussing all things mystical, the spectator thinks of any ESP symbol. Then attempting to harness the mystical power of the pyramid, a small marble pyramid is placed on the table, and several ESP cards are placed beneath it into a pyramid shape. The spectator feels the power and finds all five ESP cards that match her thought of shape.

Extra Sensory Permutations

The temple-toucher digs up the strength to stop touching himself and, instead, tries to connect with his audience for real. In the end, maybe some connections were made, and he not only predicted which three ESP cards the spectator would choose, but also the specific order the spectator placed them on the table.

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