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Third Eye (PDF & VIdeo)

  • 30 Page PDF
  • Video Tutorial
  • Customizable Printable Tool

Finally after nearly a decade, I've decided to release my version (with permission, of course) of Wayne Dobson's Big Revelation, Third Eye.


The participant freely thinks of any card, then reveal the participant's thought of card as you unfold a sheet of paper with a series of jokes and gags disguised as an eye exam for her Third Eye with a final reveal that seems impossible.

Once she's thought of the card, and after you've apparently read her mind, but before she ever says it out loud you can place the thought of card on the table for her to turn over. She then names her thought of card, and then turns over the card you placed down. It's the card she thought of.

It can be performed with no deck where you simply tell her what card she's thinking of.

  • No Force
  • Nothing is written down
  • She never tells anyone the card
  • The card really is ONLY in her mind
  • Yet you still reveal it.

Included is a 30 page PDF with a complete performance script, multiple variations, tips, tricks, ideas.

You also receive access to a secret website containing a brief video showing you how to print out and customize the print out.

Third Eye is an update and overhaul of Wayne's effect.

Some of the Updates:

  • It's even easier to discover the thought of card
  • New jokes
  • Multiple version of the prop can be printed  out
  • Multiple alternate endings
  • It fits in your wallet and will become part of your EDC.

This is the epitome of packs flat / plays big.

Get your Third Eye examined today!



This product includes the following digital media:


  1. How to Use the Printouts PDF


  1. third-eye-custom-printouts (3.05 MB)

  2. third-eye (2.03 MB)

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