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Stone Cold Mental ESP Cards

  • Large Marks (Out of Stock)
  • Standard deck of ESP Cards
  • Don't look like playing cards
  • 5 circles
  • 5 crosses
  • 5 wavey lines
  • 5 squares
  • 5 stars
  • Includes detailed instructions on reading the marks

Stone Cold Mental ESP Cards

Enhance your intuition effortlessly with the Stone Cold Mental Marked ESP Deck. This standard deck of ESP cards combines familiarity with a subtle marking system, taking your psychic abilities to new heights.

Printed on durable cardstock, each card guarantees a smooth handling experience. Packaged for convenience, it's your trusty companion on every journey.

No frills, no hype—just a straightforward tool to expand your psychic horizons. Elevate your abilities with the Stone Cold Mental Marked ESP Deck. Embrace extraordinary insight today.

*Available with "large" marks and "small" marks. For details on the marking system and size, click here.

* One way decks are available here

Tags esp, mentalism, mind reading, one way esp deck, stone cold mental
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