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2020 Lecture Notes (PDF)

  • Six Different Effects
  • Coins
  • Cards
  • Drugs
  • Money
  • Tarot Cards
  • Plus 8 "Rapid Fire" idea to take old props and ideas to a new level

Effects Included

Quarter Bird

An update on the classic "pen behind the ear" vanish where the signed coin ends up in a nest of boxes that appears in the magician's hand.

The Target Card

A signed card across where the deck of cards becomes a makeshift weapon as the spectator fires the gun (with sound effects and all) causing his card to appear across the table.

Gift Vision

After seeing this, you'll dig our your Color Vision out of your magic drawer and actively begin performing this effect in your active repertoire!

Bad Medicine

Any small object vanishes and reappears inside of a sealed bottle of Advil that the spectator can examine and open (breaking the seal) themselves.

This effect comes with several variations, ideas, and presentations.

Dream Vacation Part 1

While showing off your roll of film from vacation, a small container is shown to be empty and is inspected by the spectator. Yet when they open the lid again, a just-vanished bill (money from your "vacation") is found inside the container.

The Plague of Irony

Using Tarot cards you tell the a comically macabre story where the spectator's free choices end up revealing a dark surprise. Trust me, you don't want to miss this one.

Rapid Fire Ideas

Vinyl Wallets No More

A clever new idea for carrying your packet tricks, or "special" cards that not only makes things much more "legitimate" but opens the door to countless presentational ideas.

Million Dollar Idea

A fun trick that will save you, literally, hundreds of dollars when constructing gimmicks. Additionally, a clever giveaway that'll ensure your spectators/clients never forget you.


Yet another alternative to vinyl wallets and envelopes for packet tricks.


A clever tool that allows you to create fake reciepts from made up purchases that can be used for predictions and other uses. You'll receive this the hidden location to this downloadable tool.

Haunted Carpet

A fun, simple tweek to the Haunted Key that makes it easier to cause the key to move as well opens many presentational doors that give the effect more meaning

Matchy Stickies

A clever trick to revitalize the old penetrating match sticks effect that makes it sure fire and extremely deciptive.

Delink, Delink

A simple little trick to make the unlinking of linking rubberbands effect look like real magic. This one even looks real to you, the performer.

Dream Vacation Part 2

A slightly more modern variation of an old magic prop where a quarter visually penetrates the lead of a seal container.

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