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2024 Lecture Notes (PDF)

  • 7 effects
  • 7 bonus (rapid fire) effects / idea
  • Over a dozen video clips
  • Presentational scripts and outlines
  • Nearly 50 footnotes and resources

Stone Cold Lecture Notes 2024

A New Year, and new set of lecture notes from Jeff Stone. Dive into 14 effects and ideas ranging everywhere from gags to stunts to powerful, baffling, and visual magic. Everything in this set of lecture notes has been in Jeff's repertoire for several years, and in most cases, over two full decades! 

Included is access to over a dozen video clips to create (as closely as possible) that in-person live lecture experience, plus multiple QR codes / links to other resources along with nearly 50 footnotes to get your history and resource juices flowing. 

It's time for you to "attend" the 2024 Stone Cold Lecture!

7 Effects:

Extra Sensory Perception
This is one of my favorite “real” ESP effects, and it gives the spectator real power.

Poker Bill
A gambling demo closer where the spectators walk away with a lucky charm and real cash!

Elastic Sensory Perception
If your mentalism lacks visual appeal, then you’ve just found the perfect remedy.

Burnin’ Time
Fire, time travel, and borrowed items, what’s not to love!?

The Luck of the Balducci
After the spectator shuffles the deck and finds her lucky card, a winning poker hand using her card appears face up in the middle of the deck.

The Coolest Ace Trick in the World
This is one of the first effect I ever created. I’ve been performing it since the last 1990’s. A very cerebral transformation (instantly) of the four aces into the four kings.

Gemini Shopping
A fun game where spectators get to spend foreign currency, and you are able to predict exactly what they purchase.

7 Rapid Fire Ideas:

What’s The Deal With The Down Under Deal?
Giving a weird procedure meaning.

Encyclopedia of Crayon Magic
A simple idea for applying magic from genre in another genre.

Premature Pop
Create tension, and release with a balloon and a little secret something else.

S.A.T.O. / Strange Voyage
An unsuspecting spectator interrupts your cards across routine. 

My never before published, go to opener.

Snappy BIC
Another never before published idea. Fun. Impromptu. Super Visual. All with a borrowed BIC pen.

Stone Cold Color Change
Wave a fan of cards over the deck, and BAM! The card on the face changes!

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