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Diary of a Madman (Booklet)

  • 8 brand new effects and ideas from Jeff Stone
  • A fun and simple card control that seems impossible
  • A superhero drawing comes to life
  • Magic with Guitar Picks
  • A fun twist on the "Bank Night" plot
  • A dark little voodoo doll effect
  • Zodiac, a pendulum, and an intimate moment between you and a spectator
  • The new way you'll do cards across!
  • A slightly off kilter plot about insanity and gambling

Diary of a Madman

The latest book from Jeff Stone, Diary of a Madman is an eclectic collection of ideas, tricks, presentations, moves, and routines ranging from card control, to mind control. Sprinkled in amongst the madness you'll find card magic, voodoo doll magic, stuff with pendulums, the zodiac and more. The variety of each effect when combined together can make a complete show with texture, and take your audience on an emotional journey from the silly to the intimate, the scary, and the creepy all in one show. Enjoy Diary of a Madman.

Over the Mountain

Use this technique to prove that you can truly read the spectator's thoughts as you prove that you know exactly what card she was thinking of. 

Flying High Again

A drawing of a superhero comes to life as the spectator witness the image change and they even catch a glimpse of the superhero drawing fly!

You Can't Kill Rock and Roll

When spectators ask you a stupid question, this is the answer. They watch you stick a pencil right through a guitar pick (and several other variations).


An excellent twist on "Bank Night" that is the easiest method you'll ever do, and stitches your whole show together from start to finish, and unlike typical versions, this version has no "losers." Everyone who plays walks away very happy with the end result.

Little Dolls

If you like creepy, dark, and voodoo, then you'll love this one as you get the spectator to do your dirty work for you, and of course you've predicted the outcome in chill-inducing way. They won't forget this one any time soon.


In an intimate moment between you and the spectator, s/he divines your zodiac sign. 

S.A.T.O. / Strange Voyage

If you do cards across, you will add this extra bit to your presentation. If you don't do cards across, you'll start doing it, and you'll add this extra bit to your presentation.

Diary of a Madman

We wrap up this madness with a story about . . . well, madness. A man driven insane by the ability to see the future predicts the outcome of events even while locked away in an insane asylum.

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Customer Reviews

  • 4 Stars

    Jeff Stone the author of Diary of a Madman, was inspired to keep a journal of his thoughts by the movie The Prestige. I also saw The Prestige and although I wasn't inspired to keep a journal, what impressed me was the length some will go to achieve the ultimate in whatever their passion was, in the movie's case the magic effect. Diary of a Madman is a small collection of eight of those routines scrawled in moments of inspiration.

    The eight routines in this booklet vary from card work to mentalism. In the booklet there is a version of Bank Night, and a strange but interesting combination of the Out To Lunch principle and a Glorpy. There is also a mix of psychic and bizarre magic performances which round out the offering.

    There is no new groundbreaking handlings in the booklet itself. The moves and handlings should be known to anyone involved in magic. What the author is offering up is the concept of thinking out of the box and like in the movie The Prestige trying to take a routine to the next level and not to be satisfied with just the ordinary. The routines offered in this small journal are not the typical "find a card type" tricks but require a bit of storytelling to tie the effect together.

    I found this an interesting read and thought provoking as well which was the stated goal of the author. I think this is worthy of anyone's consideration who is looking to add another dimension to their magic regardless of the type of magic one does.

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