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Underground Jam Collection (Streaming Videos)


The Final Effects From Jay Sankey's Underground Jam

In the spring of 2005 Jay [Sankey] sent out a world-wide request for audition videos featuring original material from unknown magicians. In response, performers from more than a dozen countries submitted more than 200 tapes and dvds! From this mountain of submissions Jay and his team unanimously chose Joe Diamond, Eric Leclerc and Jeff Stone.

A few months later, Jay, Joe, Eric and Jeff met up in Toronto and over a couple of days taped an outstanding collection of close-up magic and mentalism including 20 effects with matchbooks, coins, playing cards, keys, film canisters, wrist watches, chewing gum, water bottles and magic markers.

Included on Underground Jam are five effects from Jeff Stone, now available for instant download.

Each download is normally $3.99. However, if you order the entire collection now, you'll save over 50%. The entire collection would normally cost $19.95, but it's yours now for only $14.95.

Dream Vacation

Coolest Ace Trick in The World

Jacked Up

Key-Oh-Nee Buh-Lo-Nee

King-Side Castling


Upon purchase, you'll immediately have access to the entire collection in the "my account" section of the site. For each effect you'll receive a performance video and an explanation video. Also, however, for Key-Oh-Nee Buh-Lo-Nee, Dream Vacation adn King-Side Castling, you'll see the original performance video that was sent to Jay for the audition. These are performance only videos.

This product includes the following digital media:


  1. The Coolest Ace Trick in The World (Perf)

  2. The Coolest Ace Trick in The World (Exp)

  3. Jacked Up (Perf)

  4. Jacked Up (Exp)

  5. Dream Vacation (Perf)

  6. Dream Vacation (Exp)

  7. Dream Vacation (Audition)

  8. Key Oh Nee Ba Lo Nee (Perf)

  9. Key Oh Nee Ba Lo Nee (Exp)

  10. Key Oh Nee Ba Lo Nee (Audition)

  11. Kingside Castling (Perf)

  12. Kingside Castling (Exp)

  13. Kingside Castling (Audition)

Media Type Digital Lesson

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