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2020 Lecture Pack

  • Lecture notes NOT Included
  • Props for 2020 Lecture Notes

2020 Lecture Kit Includes

  • Nested Coins set (plastic) for Quarter Bird
  • Bingo Shooting Device (Cap Bang Mechanism for The Target Card)
  • Caps for the Bingo Shooting Device
  • 1 Film Canister for Dream Vacation w/coin (either Un Peso or a 20 Centavo piece)
  • 1 deck of tarot cards for The Plague of Irony
  • Gift Vision kit (includes the following)
    • Royal Magic Tell-A-Vision cube
    • A handful of sticker bows to “decorate” the cube box
    • A few simple stickers to get you started
    • A downloadable (printable) cube template that you can customize
    • A booklet with several additional ideas, handling, and routines

Lecture Notes Available Here

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